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Core Elements
Strategic Planing
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Strategic Planning:

A comprehensive diversity initiative needs a strategic diversity plan to transform the
organizational culture and structure. A strategic diversity plan addresses all aspects of organizational life including, workplace climate, leadership/management, policies and procedures, recruitment and hiring, development and retention, and internal/external communications.

Diversity initiatives include six key phases:

   1. Securing Organizational Commitment:
        - Leadership education and buy-in
        - Commitment of financial and human resources

   2. Creation of Diversity Council:
        - Formation and education
        - Strategic Planning

   3. Data Collection and Analysis:
       - Needs assessment and focus groups
       - Cultural audits and climate surveys

   4. Implementation:
       - Training and education
       - Alignment of organizational systems
       - Coaching, consultation, and other interventions

   5. Monitoring:
        - Assessment of progress and outcomes
        - Measurement and accountability systems

   6. Institutionalization:
       - Continued development of internal capacity and skill-building
       - Full integration into organizational systems
       - Periodic review and revision of diversity plan

ChangeWorks can work with you through the entire planning process, assuring that diversity is an integral part of your organization, and not just an “add on”.

Diversity Teams and Councils:

Diversity Teams and Councils are the backbone of any diversity initiative. It is they who will guide the initiative, and interact on a day-to-day basis with employees. They may identify workplace concerns, highlight successes and challenges, and recommend direction and action. Diversity Team members become internal resources to the organization to assist it in achieving it’s diversity goals.

In order to do this effectively, Diversity Teams must become highly informed and aware of all aspects of diversity, and they must build their own skills as diversity change agents.
They must also be courageous and tackle difficult issues of race, gender, sexual orientation, and other aspects of diversity, at the personal and organizational levels. Commitment to diversity does not mean that the conflicts and challenges of diversity disappear. Diversity Teams must be willing to work to make their team a working model of inclusion and diversity. We repeat this line over and over to the teams we work with:
If you can’t create the new inclusive organization within your team, you cannot expect to create it in the larger organization.

ChangeWorks can assist you in the creation of your Diversity Team and with the on-going planning, training, education, team-building, and reflective group process that are essential for helping Diversity Teams attain the level of competency needed to fulfill their diversity goals.

Education and Training:

Training and education are essential parts of any diversity initiative, as they help to bring awareness, knowledge, and skills to organizational leaders and employees. At the same time, training and education are only one element of a broader diversity plan.

ChangeWorks has a long history of experience and success in designing and delivering diversity training. All programs are tailored to best meet our clients’ needs. Below is a brief summary of some of our most frequently requested programs:

1. Introductory Inclusion and Diversity Programs:

ChangeWorks offers one, two, and three day versions of this popular class, and it can be tailored to business, educational, health care and human service, and community settings. This class includes the foundations of understanding diversity and inclusion, a focus on different dimensions of diversity (race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, and abilities), and an opportunity to practice intervention skills and develop personal action plans.

2. Respect and Anti-Harassment Programs:

ChangeWorks offers half-day and full day classes on issues of sexual harassment, and other kinds of workplace harassment, including workplace (and school-based) bullying. Programs provide the legal elements of anti-harassment law, while allowing participants to discuss and explore attitudes and behaviors that support, or create barriers to, a respectful environment for all.

3. Content Specific Programs:

After participating in introductory classes, clients often request programs that explore specific diversity topics that are relevant for their organizations. These programs are designed for each client, but topics have included:

     • Race, Ethnicity, and Racism
     • White Privilege and the Role of White People in Anti-Bias Work
     • Sexism and Gender Relations
     • Sexual Orientation, Heterosexism, and Homophobia
     • Leadership Development: Diversity Skills for Managers
     • Affirmative Action
     • Diversity Marketing and Customer Service
     • Approaches to Diversity Training
     • Handling Bias Incidents
     • Building a Multicultural, Anti-Racist School

4. Diversity Facilitator Training Programs (“Train-the-Trainer”):

ChangeWorks provides intensive Train-the-Trainer programs to prepare your internal employees to deliver high quality and effective diversity training classes, and act as internal diversity advisors to your organization. Clients are advised that Train-the-Trainer programs are time and resource intensive, as potential trainers must be extremely well-prepared to deliver and facilitate sensitive diversity content. Train-the-Trainer programs vary in length, depending on length of the course they will be expected to facilitate, and the complexity of the content.

5. Custom Designed Programs:

The ChangeWorks staff brings many years of experience in working with organizations on diversity issues in business, education, health care and human services, and community groups, with both adults and youth. In addition to our existing programs, we are well-prepared to work collaboratively with you to design a program appropriate for your organization's needs.
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