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“Guidelines for Leadership in a Diverse Workplace”   by Patti DeRosa
Twelve personal strategies for challenging bias. Read them and decide which ones you can work on!
Article #2:
“Social Change or Status Quo: Approaches to Diversity Training”   by Patti DeRosa
A survey of the strengths and limitations of different approaches to diversity training, including anti-racism, intercultural, legal compliance, managing diversity, prejudice reduction, and valuing differences models.
Article #3:
“Building Blocks: My Journey Toward White Racial Awareness”   by Patti DeRosa
A personal exploration of a white woman’s search for understanding of the meaning of whiteness and white privilege in a racist society.
Article #4:
“Facing the Fear: White Leaders, Diverse Communities, and Racism”  by Patti DeRosa An overview of challenges facing white people who strive to be equitable and effective leaders in multiracial contexts.
Article #5:
“The 10C’s: A Model of Diversity Awareness and Social Change”   by Patti DeRosa and
                                                                                                                                    Ulric Johnson
A useful model for understanding the complexity of diversity, with examples of how to apply the model in a variety of settings, including youth and community work, classrooms, counseling, and workplaces.
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